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Californian Green Couple Shares 8 Easy Tips to Live More Eco-friendly

Jinendra Singh

Star Member
With the Earth Day behind us, it’s important to ensure that our desire to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle does not wane out gradually. According to a survey conducted by Trulia on eco-friendly living, while 79% of Americans say that they are environmentally conscious, actually only 26% of those people consider the environment in their daily actions beyond recycling and turning off the lights.

For some inspiration on how to incorporate eco-friendly habits in our lifestyle, we reached out to Sarah Jo and Tony – the eco-conscious couple blogger from Santa Cruz, California who walk the talk when it comes to green living. Throwing away money towards “green products” and at the green movement will not make the cut, if you are serious about making a difference. We need to reframe our thinking, inculcate the habit of consuming less and be mindful of our wasteful habits. It is not crazy to bring your own water bottle when you’re out or carry your thermos to get coffee.

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