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Businesses/Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving/Christmas


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Thanksgiving will soon be here. Ideally, I would like to stay home with plenty of food in the freezer and on the shelves.

But in the real world, I might not be this lucky. I would have to go out.

I think this would be a good place for businesses/restaurants open on Thanksgiving (or Christmas).

Amy SF

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One of my favorite Thanksgivings was spent at a Chinese restaurant with my husband
One of my favourite Christmases was spent in Frigiliana a lovely village in Andalucia. We were hiking in the mountains and to our surprise all the bars and restaurants in the village were open. We had a packed lunch but took that back home and had a bar meal. I got sunburned and had to buy a hat. It was just like a normal day. In England every shop and bar would have been closed on the 25th. In those days in Spain the main holiday was Reyes (3 Kings) on 6th January.


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I've contributed less to this thread than I had hoped. And it is already Christmas eve. Time got away from me.

I have found out that there is one Applebee's restaurant still open in Nashville. They used to do something special for Christmas. But now they are closed Christmas Day and close early Christmas Eve.

Walgreens may be open, but it is expensive to buy, say, frozen food there.