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UK Brexit aftermath/repercussions

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I'm torn between being happy because that slimy toadface has resigned, and really angry because he's helped lead the country into a shithole and can't be bothered to stick around and see it through.

I voted remain, but what's been done has been done so I will try and be positive. I know the UK will recover, it's just a question of when - and how screwed over everyone will be in the meantime.

Moll Flanders

Pound plunges to new 31-year low as Mark Carney warns UK is 'entering period of uncertainty' and urges people to be 'prudent' over borrowing

I watched a programme last night called “Why Brexiters voted to leave: Britain speaks” and the first man they spoke to was complaining that Polish people get council housing ahead of him and that he lost his £14-an-hour steel industry job as immigrants came in and worked for less than half the rate. The people making the programme didn't seem to check if either of those things were true.

He was an unemployed father of 6 kids and he didn't seem to be grateful that he lives in a country that supports him and all his children if he decides not to work! He also didn't explain why he couldn't try to improve his own situation like retrain to get a better job, but he seemed to think the problem was definitely immigrants coming into the area. They seemed to get the most unsympathetic people to give their views on why they wanted to Leave.:p

Panorama on why people voted Brexit was a missed opportunity | Media | The Guardian

ETA - Everyone is angry watching the BBC's 'Why We Voted Leave' Panorama programme | JOE.co.uk
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Tory leadership: Andrea Leadsom says she 'did not like' gay marriage law – live
Andrea Leadsom, a Tory leadership candidate, has said that she did not like the gay marriage law.
Conservative MPs are today voting on three candidates and the two who do best will go to a ballot of all party members with the winner, and next prime minister, announced on 9 September. Theresa May, the home secretary, is the favourite and almost certain to make the shortlist. Leadsom is currently in second place, but Michael Gove, who was third on Tuesday, has not given up hope of overtaking her when the results are announced soon after 4pm.
  • Leadsom has said that she was never a fund manager in the City - and never claimed to be one. But, as my colleague Rowena Mason points out, it is easy to see how people might have got the impression from what she said that she was.

Moll Flanders

I just saw on the news that Andrea Leadsom may be pulling out of the race so Theresa May will win. It's not confirmed yet, but she is making a statement soon. Andrea Leadsom to 'quit Conservative leadership bid' - BBC News

Leadsom made some really stupid comments about motherhood Andrea Leadsom apologises to Theresa May over motherhood remark - BBC News and she has had a bad reaction from the public, the media and her own party.

AL is pro-hunting as well, another reason to dislike her.:DAndrea Leadsom says she'll bring back fox hunting to improve animal welfare | UK Politics | News | The Independent

ETA - Yep, she has withdrawn from the race.
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