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Lol, Russian vegans would appreciate this recipe: Blinee with cashew cream cheese and an imitation of salmon. The only wrong thing in this recipe is the size and shape of the blinee. (Btw, Blinee is a plural form of Blin😁). They look more like small oladushki in this video.


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I've only used wine in cooking a few times and everyone I've regretted-no way would I make that gravy!
I don't like jackfruit any way but in seitan ribs, so no to them too! :p

I think i'll try the turky seitan using a method I got from a FB seitan group, where you just leave the dough sit out overnight to develop, no kneading.
Then I'll make a gravy with betterthanboullion no chik'n, rosemary, and that Penzeys Justice blend