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Best vacuums for pet hair


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Anyone have any advice on a good vacuum for dog hair that's not a Dyson? I hear they are great but they are WAY out of my price range. I've seen a Eureka that claims to be better than Dyson.

Also do you prefer bagless or one with bags? Is cleaning hair and dirt out of the bagless a pain? Hair I'm immune to but concentrated dust like that aggravates my allergies. I've never used a bagless before so would like opinions.


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Bagless is way easier!! Just hold it over the trash can, hit a button, and all the icky falls in! I have allergies, too, but it's never bothered me.


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I actually have 2 Furminators. The original one and the double-bladed one. I think my next dog will have to be a Chinese crested. :p


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At the risk of turning this into a furminator love-in, it's so awesome <3

As for the Hoover, we have a DustBuster which is supposedly designed for pet hair. It works really well, but we have a small flat and wooden floors, so it's mostly for the furniture.


The Furminator is a great tool, but be warned. It only works when you actually get to use it on a furry animal. :D Bogart hated it and Ben is following suit. Ben only likes, or I should say tolerates, a comb.

I haven't found a vacuum that really works on pet hair but then I've never owned a Dyson. My furniture remains covered with sheets...very fashionable. I have a Shark vacuum and it's just ok. I like the convenience of bagless but prefer bags for neater/cleaner emptying.


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No carpet here thankfully. I think I will try the Eureka that claims to be better than a Dyson. It's probably fine since I don't have carpet. Until all the coat blowing burns it up that is. But better to burn up a $100 vacuum than a $600 one.

Even if I had money, I think I'd have a hard time forking over that much for a vacuum. :p


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I have a refurbished Dyson that costs less than half of the regular price. It works great!
I clean several houses a week with the home owners vacuums, so Have tried different brands, Dyson is top, Oreck is second.
Eureka has a big range of vacuums, not sure which one you are considering, but I had the cordless one around $100 that is marketed as good for pet hair and it burned up after 8 months of daily use.


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There is a place near me that builds and refurbishes vacuums. Maybe I will go see what they have first. I do have an old Oreck but the bags are insanely expensive, plus I now have to drive further to get them since they closed the Oreck store near me.