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Article: Why Animal Rights Is The Next Frontier For The Left


Mad Bard
Many years ago, veganism and even vegetarianism were considered cranky and now they are close to main stream. Normal supermarkets here in Gothenburg often advertise how good they are by showing the range of vegan food they sell. Added to that, global warming and the environment generally are becoming a major concern for people and the future of animal agriculture will have to be pondered. This may well force people to focus more on how we farm and use animals. I'm convinced that most people would care more if they thought more about it and I think it's a good opportunity for us to share our views with everybody. In a democracy, governments are answerable to the people and in a presently conservative political climate, the left would do well to start thinking about how they could appropriate such ideas without alienating the masses.


Well Known Member
If animal rights becomes solely the province of 'the left' then it will just alienate the majority of the population, who may be economically left-leaning but who are socially conservative.