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Another veggie from VB


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Hi there!
That must suck being there. My best friend that I've known since we were 3 goes shooting and it breaks my heart. But that's just the way she has been brought up.
When I was in N.C a few weeks ago I saw a big bag of deer feed in Walmart and thought, "aww, that's cute, for people's pet deers".....naive much?! xxx
Hi! My friend has recently taken up fishing in order to enjoy the great outdoors. Call me weird,but I like hiking,kayaking,and foraging for neat mushrooms when I'm outside...hold the killing,please! Aw,pet deer. I would've thought the exact same thing.


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You guys are so friendly,what a nice change :)
Aery,I'm in PA,surrounded by hunters...deer season makes me a bit glum,so I could use some support from fellow veggies.
I share your pain. I too am surrounded. My Father allows deer hunting on his 60 acres of property which infuriates me to no end.

Welcome to VV!

I never noticed the pancake hat bunny until now. We should make that bigger! Or have a seperate icon of him?


Welcome! (And I feel your pain about the hunting - it's difficult, constantly coming face to face with it.

Amy SF

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Hi! Welcome to VV! :wave:

Hunting, what's that. :p

...seriously, because I spend a lot of time on VV and also because I'm in Southern California. There must be hunters here, but I'm not sure where they would hunt. We get wildlife roaming in people's backyards, rummaging through the trash cans (and sneaking into their homes to raid the fridge), and everyone gets infuriated if there's even a chance of authorities killing them. Totally different zeitgeist here. :)

(just one example) http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&tbo=d&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&q=Glen+Bearian&btnK=


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Amy, I see what you mean. Glen Bearian would not have a happy ending here,he'd probably end up as a rug or something.
I'm glad I found this place!