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UK News Animal Requiem Concert - To Celebrate & Honour all Animals


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Musical Work created with the intention of celebrating, remembering and honouring all the animals we have loved and lost is taking place in central London on the 31 st January.

‘Animal Requiem’ is a memorial for all animals across the world, helping raise awareness for the present suffering of animals affected by cruelty, negligence or abuse of any kind.

It was written by composer Rachel Fuller :

“I composed the Animal Requiem for all of us who have lost a much beloved pet – the pain we feel is equal to the love we felt for them. With this music, I honour and remember all the animals I have loved and lost. All their lives have had an extraordinary impact on mine and I am forever grateful. – Rachel Fuller

Listen — Animal Requiem

Animal Requiem: A Concert To Celebrate and honour all animals from Rachel Fuller | Outside_Org