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Vegan A Mug of After Eight


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1 medium sized mug of coconut milk
1 level tbs (or more if you like ) Green & Blacks cocoa powder
sweetener to taste : sugar, Stevia, Agave syrup
A few drops of peppermint essence ( I buy mine at Sainsbury's)

Mix the cocao powder with a little water to a smoothe paste.
Heat the coconut milk slowly and add to the chocolate paste.
Add sweetener or sugar to taste.
Add a few drops of peppermint essence.

Serves one.

Tip : You could add more coconut milk if you wish it to be very creamy and also omit the peppermint essence.
A few drops of orange essence also makes a delicious orange flavoured hot chocolate.
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I get it! Like the After Eight mints! :p
Were they with the creamy mint filling, like thin square York patties? Oh I miss those!

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Perhaps they changed it again, but they had milk in the ingredients at one point. About 2 years ago they changed the recipe. I would be happy if they've changed it back though :D


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Oh I do hope they're vegan! Although Aldis has theirs at Xmas, and are vegan!
I'm writing Junior mints again! At christmas they're without whatever makes them bad--and cost more! I loved those things!