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Life Sciences A crashed Israeli Lunar Lander spilled tardigrades on the Moon


Blin, it seems like extraterrestrials didn't like the idea of the mission and caused a crash (as they always do). What the heck is going on in those people's heads, who decided that they can intervene into an alien world, make (pathetic) attemps to colonize it, and then get away with it?😡


Look, @blues , what i have found! Now i understand why they decided to send Tardigrades to the moon...
"A unique creature on Earth that can live forever".


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Well, Val, they look like they are dressed in space suits. I don't think they will last too long up there they still need small amounts of liquid to survive and the conditions are extreme there even for them.

They are embedded in resin so they aren't going anywhere

What a disappointing for the launch term in Israel, so close but so far from success