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Life Sciences 100+ Nobel laureates vs Greenpeace on GMOs

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About a third of living Nobel laureates – 108 at last count – have signed an open letter which attacks Greenpeace for campaigning against genetically modified crops, especially one called Golden Rice.

Addressed to the global environmental group, the United Nations and governments, the letter on Thursday says Greenpeace has “misrepresented the risks, benefits and impacts” of genetically altered food plants.

“There has never been a single confirmed case of a negative health outcome for humans or animals from their consumption,” wrote the top scientists.
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How do you feel about GMOs? Is it unscientific / irrational to oppose this technology?


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Just because people aren't growing a third arm from eating GMO crops doesn't mean that they are safe.

I have no idea if sufficient, accurate, or statistically meaningful testing has been done. I do know that GMO crops are promoted by very large, powerful and politically influential corporations whose only concern is to maximize shareholder value.