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  1. Indian Summer

    Judge: Vegetarians can't be victims of discrimination

    More: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/09/13/vegetarians-cannot-victims-discrimination-judge-rules/amp/ (13. Sept. 2019)
  2. Indian Summer

    UK Is veganism a protected belief?

    More: Sacked vegan claims discrimination in landmark case (4. Dec. 2018) I'm not quite sure I understand how he can claim he was discriminated against on basis of being vegan, as to me it sounds more like he was sacked because he was sacked simply for disclosing information to the other...
  3. Jinendra Singh

    Can fashion be ethical and sustainable?

    fashion ethical and sustainable at same time is it possible ??
  4. Jinendra Singh

    Question US CN What are the latest vegan fashion trends?

    what are the current vegan fashion trends
  5. Jinendra Singh

    Race Car Champ - Urges Fans to Go Vegan

    Vegan race car champion Lewis Hamilton, the 2017 Formula One World Champion, recently urged his 7 million social media fans to go vegan. After securing his most recent win at the German Grand Prix, Hamilton shared an Instagram story with a moving animal-rights message. “619 million humans have...
  6. Jinendra Singh

    Vegans Doing More/Planet than ELON MUSK

    Visionary business person Elon Musk has various striking credits to his name. He's the Tony Stark of this present reality: originator and lead architect of Space X — making rocket dispatches that land in a move that could change space investigation. He's additionally the fellow benefactor, CEO...
  7. Jinendra Singh

    Question Are we born as meat eaters or vegan?

    We are definitely not born vegan, as they consume no animal products including eggs and (more importantly) milk. Babies are best served by being breast fed as much of their early immunity to disease is conferred by their mother's immune system via her milk. However we are also not born meat...
  8. Jinendra Singh

    Is it my job to convince other people to go vegan?

    Am I morally obligated to convince other people to go vegan? Is it bad of me if I know a non-vegan who is not aware of the reasons to be vegan that I am aware of, and I don't communicate those reasons to them?
  9. Jinendra Singh

    If suddenly 50% of the carnivorous humans turned vegans

    what would change in the world in the short (1 week), medium (6 months) and long (5 years) runs?
  10. Jinendra Singh

    Which type of milk your are consuming ?

    Any strongly held opinions or experience with the following kinds of milk: 1. Full fat cow’s milk 2. Semi-skimmed cow’s milk 3. Skimmed cow’s milk 4. Soya milk 5. Oat milk 6. Rice milk 7. Hemp Milk 8. Almond Milk Which one you consuming right now and how it is helpful for you.
  11. Jinendra Singh

    Would you continue to be vegan if you had to grow vegetables you wanted to eat? Why or

    However since a lot of people are more worried about what they specifically eat as oppose to the entire sustainability of our agriculture, i am waiting for your perspective.
  12. Indian Summer

    Being vegan is a privilege

    More: Poverty Campaigner Jack Monroe Says 'Being Vegan Is A Privilege' (3. May 2018) The article goes on to say that Jack Monroe recently wrote a cookbook (Vegan on a bootstrap) containing a few non-vegan recipes, for which they (Jack) received some unkind online words and photoshopped...
  13. Indian Summer

    Know your roots - on the origins of veganism

    I recently came across this article on the Vegan Society's website, which I thought was fairly interesting, and with plenty of links to explore further. It's written by Ian MacDonald, the producer of the radio series 'Vegetarianism: The story so far'. More: Know your roots (2. Sept. 2016)
  14. Indian Summer

    Study: Conservatives less likely to stay vegan

    More: Conservatives Are Less Likely To Stay Vegan, New Study Says (22. September 2017) Study (full text): Conservatism predicts lapses from vegetarian/vegan diets to meat consumption (through lower social justice concerns and social support) - ScienceDirect by Gordon Hodson and Megan Earle of...
  15. Indian Summer

    News Swiss vegan finally declared fit for army service

    More: Vegan wins battle to be accepted by Swiss army (19. October 2016)
  16. Indian Summer

    Vegan view of the future (video by PeTA Germany)

    More: What the world would look like if everyone was vegan (9. June 2016) The video embedded in the article wouldn't load for me, but here it is on YouTube:
  17. Indian Summer

    Why fewer black people are vegan

    More: Here's Why Black People Don't Go Vegan (20. May 2016)
  18. Andy Brown

    How do you respond to the claim that humans evolved as meat eaters?

    I often come across people pointing out humans evolved primarily as meat eaters. “So, it’s absolutely fine and natural tendency of humans to eat meat.” One could make the same claim that we evolved as rapists, murderers, slave owners, and many other things. Just because we've done something for...
  19. Indian Summer

    Against Voodoo Veganism

    More: http://thedailybanter.com/2016/02/do-not-let-veganism-make-the-same-mistakes-as-feminism/ (Steve Stankevicius, Feb 23, 2016) This piece is about veganism, but touches on topics such as feminism, the "lunatic fringe" of feminism, and The Regressive Left. I think I agree with part of what...
  20. E

    Veggie Research

    Hi fellow veggies! I'm a student at Leeds university currently undertaking a large piece of research into veggie lifestyles. As part of this piece of work, I need 600 vegetarians/vegan to complete a 15-20 minute online survey. The survey consists of question relating to your eating behaviours...