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vegan recipes

  1. Jinendra Singh

    Which type of milk your are consuming ?

    Any strongly held opinions or experience with the following kinds of milk: 1. Full fat cow’s milk 2. Semi-skimmed cow’s milk 3. Skimmed cow’s milk 4. Soya milk 5. Oat milk 6. Rice milk 7. Hemp Milk 8. Almond Milk Which one you consuming right now and how it is helpful for you.
  2. michael white

    We So Vegan

    Hello people I hope you are having an amazing cruelty free weekend, I wanted to introduce myself. First the reason I joined this forum as I discovered some incredible recipes on here that lead to some really food eating. My name is Michael but my partner Marta may also be writing on here...
  3. Q

    Question Help a busy vegan eat healthy!

    Hi all! I’m running into trouble eating healthy with a crazy schedule. Drop quick and easy vegan recipes! I know the animals don’t care if I’m living off Oreos and French fries, but my body does Sam