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  1. M

    Blog Southeast Asia

    How many of these dishes have you tried? :) 10 Best Vegan Dishes Around Southeast Asia - VegTravelBuddies
  2. Jinendra Singh

    Which type of milk your are consuming ?

    Any strongly held opinions or experience with the following kinds of milk: 1. Full fat cow’s milk 2. Semi-skimmed cow’s milk 3. Skimmed cow’s milk 4. Soya milk 5. Oat milk 6. Rice milk 7. Hemp Milk 8. Almond Milk Which one you consuming right now and how it is helpful for you.
  3. Jinendra Singh

    Would you continue to be vegan if you had to grow vegetables you wanted to eat? Why or

    However since a lot of people are more worried about what they specifically eat as oppose to the entire sustainability of our agriculture, i am waiting for your perspective.
  4. K

    Cheap Vegan Snacks

    Hi everyone, I'm a college student in need of some cheap vegan snacks. If you have any suggestion I would really appreciate them. Thank you!
  5. S

    Interested in Why you became Vegan? Dissertation

    Hi I am currently at Goldsmith College, University of London completing a M.A Social Anthropology, and am looking at the type of relationships that are formed through food. My focus is Veganism and am asking if you could fill in an anonymous questionnaire on this topic. It will begin by asking a...
  6. Andy Brown

    Are you moving to Vegan or Vegetarian diet?

    Are you moving to Vegan or Vegetarian diet? Here are just some of the things you should avoid when starting your diet. 1) Depending only on highly processed fake meats and soy for proteins. 2) Taking too long to/not supplement on vitamin B12. 3) The superman attitude. 4) "I can get all...
  7. T

    How Becoming Vegan Changed My Life...

    A year ago, i didn't understand much about what it meant to be 'vegan' or how to live a vegan lifestyle. It was only until the recent awareness of celebrities from the likes of Beyonce and Jay Z, who opened my eyes of this fantastic lifestyle change and led me to explore. I began to research...
  8. laylafisher

    peeling vegetables

    Good morining, how are all of you? I have one question, I have recently became a vegetarian, now i feel better and have more energy :) however I really hate peeling vegetables, is there a faster way to peel them? what do you use for peeling ? :)
  9. Veggietorials

    Vegan Eats L.A. | Day 1

    I thought I was going to be in LA for one day on my way to New York. The Universe had other plans. I said YES to everything and had an incredible week with some of my favorite people. THANK YOU MY GREEN FILLS FOR SPONSORING THIS SERIES! My Last Laundry Jug for FREE ORIGINALLY FILMED FOR...