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  1. Indian Summer

    U.S. about to attack Iran

    The writing is on the wall: Now that there are no longer any grown-ups left in the U.S. administration, and they've been replaced by people like Mike Pompeo (who thinks Trump was raised to the presidency by God to protect Israel) and neo-con John Bolton, the stage is set for a confrontation with...
  2. Indian Summer

    US U. S. mid-term elections 2018: predictions, speculations, discussions

    Mid-term elections are coming up on November 6. Will the Democrats pull themselves together and at least take the House of Representatives? Has the Kavanaugh nomination process ended up galvanizing support for the Republicans? Or is there a larger effect in bringing out people to vote against...
  3. Indian Summer

    Living in the United States vs Europe

    I thought this was a quite interesting monologue, and I find myself agreeing with her on many points. She talks about topics such as fear for crime, public transit, ads and materialism, work-life balance, housing, communal areas, and eating out vs in. Would be interested in hearing opinions from...
  4. Indian Summer

    US News What's happening in Sunspot, New Mexico?

    More: Mystery closure of observatory and FBI presence in Sunspot, New Mexico (13. Sept. 2018)
  5. Indian Summer

    US CA History War of 1812 - 1815

    Interesting summary and thoughts by an actual historian :) More: What Donald Trump doesn't know about the War of 1812 (by Renée Lafferty-Salhany, Associate Professor of History, Brock University, June 10, 2018 )
  6. Indian Summer

    Hypersonic weapons - a new and exciting path to nuclear Ragnarok

    I found this video enlightening, but frightening Here's a recent news article on the topic: More: China and Russia are 'aggressively pursuing' hypersonic weapons — and the US doesn't have any defenses (20. March 2018) The part that is particularly frightening about these weapons is that...
  7. Mischief

    US Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

    Rev. Barber & Rev. Theoharis: It's Time to Fight for America's Soul I've signed up. Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
  8. Indian Summer

    Mandalay Bay shooting (Las Vegas)

    It's another day and there's been another mass shooting incident in America. More: ‘It was a horror show’: Mass shooting leaves more than 20 dead, 100 wounded on Las Vegas Strip (1. October 2017)
  9. Indian Summer

    News Cyberwar: 35 Russian diplomats expelled from the US

    Source: US expels Russian diplomats over cyber attack allegations - BBC News (29. December 2016) The measures also include sanctions against nine different entities and individuals, including the GRU and FSB. 35 diplomats are quite a lot. The amount is a measure of how serious US authorities...
  10. MadamSarcastra

    Rampant Racism in America

    Minneapolis Officials Don't Seem to Care Whether Their Police Have Ties to White Power Groups
  11. Mischief

    US Guns in the U.S.

    I just decided to start a thread where we can post news stories about guns in the U.S. culture. Obviously, I think our society is gun=mad and gun-obsessed, but those who want to post stories where guns in the hands of the public are a good thing should feel free to do so. Here's my story of the...