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  1. shyvas

    Tofu V Seitan

    Tofu versus Seitan: Taste, Texture and Nutrition.
  2. Mel

    What are your fool proof seitan recipes?

    I used to make seitan, but seeing Gardein and other tasty alternatives in stores made me stop making it altogether. I have a full bag of vital wheat gluten, and since I am still looking for a job, I would like to save money by starting to make my own again. So, like the title says, what are...
  3. J

    Vegan Quick and easy beef strogganoff'ish

    I would have to come out and say that this is a rather crude attempt at what sort of resembles beef strogganoff. It's not meant to be any sort of authentic representation, but rather what I would call a "hack" to make for a quick and delicious dinner. Ingredients: 1lbs seitan in chunks half a...