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  1. Indian Summer

    Philosophy Psychology The Meaning of Life

    It's that time of year when every day feels like that movie 'Groundhog Day', i.e. repetition of the previous day. Is there any point to all this? What is the meaning of life, if anything? Let's hear it, what are some popular reasons to get out of bed in the morning?
  2. Indian Summer

    Psychology Study about Vegetarians

    One of the authors of a psychology study has contacted us asking if we could please distribute a link to their survey. I've done the survey myself, and thought it seemed legit, so here it is: https://tamuc.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6nYet2okoD8e3mB They estimate it takes about 20 minutes to...
  3. Andy_T

    Sociology Psychology Why rich kids are so good at the Marshmallow test

    Interesting read ... The Marshmallow Test: What Does It Really Measure? - The Atlantic
  4. Andy_T

    Psychology Psychology of Speciesism

    Interesting article: The Psychology of Speciesism: How We Privilege Certain Animals Over Others | Practical Ethics
  5. Indian Summer

    Psychology Soul sickness

    This is from the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association's web pages: More: Soul Sickness: A Frequently Missed Diagnosis | The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (June 2010, Vol. 110, 347-349) I thought this was an interesting read, although I don't know about osteopathy...
  6. Indian Summer

    Psychology Animals know when they are being treated unfairly

    More: Animals know when they are being treated unfairly (and they don't like it) (21. February, 2017)
  7. MadamSarcastra

    Psychology The Narcissist vs. Your Self-Esteem

    Did a Narcissist Steal Your Self-Esteem? I can answer that very easily.... yup. :sadnod: But, hey, I turned out OK, huh?!! :weird: LMAO **sigh** So needy.... :fp:
  8. Indian Summer

    Sociology Psychology The wilfully ignorant scoff at ethical consumers

    This finding comes from a study published in Journal of Consumer Psychology: More: People Who Turn A Blind Eye To Child Labor Tend To Ridicule 'Ethical Consumers' (4. January 2016 ) Sounds familiar?
  9. Indian Summer

    Psychology Vegetarian diet now considered normal, veganism still effeminate

    More: Men who don't eat meat, eggs or dairy are 'viewed as effeminate' (30. November, 2015)
  10. D

    Psychology Psychology of the vegan diet

    Hi Everyone :) I am new to this forum and I came here to ask for your help fellow vegans. I am a health psychology student and I have the chance to create an intervention for obesity, cholesterol and heart disease. So I dreamed up a non- profit, vegan organization whereby vegan volunteers would...
  11. Andy_T

    Psychology "Personality Profiles" to explain how you behave - possible relation to veganism and vegatarianism?

    Allow me to share something with you that I personally find very interesting. Last week, I participated in my workplace in a leadership training that I regard as one of the best I have attended so far in my roughly 25-year work life. One very interesting part of that was to find out what kind...
  12. Indian Summer

    Psychology Is summer the season for madness?

    This was just an unfounded hypothesis I have. No, says this Dutch study: "The authors conclude that there are only limited seasonal variations in mental disorders in general population studies, at least in countries with a mild maritime climate." Still, it seems that homicide rates are...
  13. Blobbenstein

    Religion Psychology Why do sports people cross themselves?

    When they score a goal, or win some game or wotnot. Is it a Catholic thing? To me crossing oneself is asking Jesus for protection.