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  1. shyvas

    High Protein Vegan Breakfast Ideas

    17 High Protein Vegan Breakfasts That Are Easy to Make | Yuri Elkaim I'm in a bit of a rut when it comes to choosing healthy, tasty and satisfying vegan breakfast recipes.
  2. shyvas

    25 Sources for Protein

    25 Vegan Sources for Protein | Care2 Healthy Living
  3. Pirate

    Protein Shakes

    Don't worry, it's not another thread about getting enough protein! I'm really bad at eating breakfast - I don't feel hungry, and if I eat anything that isn't super plain before 11am I get bad heartburn for hours after. Even a raisin or sip of orange squash will do it! I have no idea why but...
  4. AeryFairy

    High-Protein Meals

    Not in a "where do vegans get their protein" way, because I have no trouble getting a normal amount of protein into my diet. More in a bodybuilding way - I'm nearly doubling the amount of protein in my diet (and reducing carbs), but I'm having a hard time planning for the 140g a day I'm looking...
  5. M

    Question Where do you even get your protein if you're vegan ?

    Where do y'all even get your protein
  6. AeryFairy

    Nutrition & Diet "But where do you get your protein?"

    Possibly the question veg*ns get asked most, alongside "but how could you give up BACON?!", is how we get our protein. I'm sure most of us, after a few years of hearing it constantly, have just started rolling our eyes or doling out sarcastic responses. I know I have :P But I thought we could...
  7. Indian Summer

    Nutrition & Diet Sufficient protein intake prevents sarcopenia, osteoporosis

    More: foodconsumer.org - Sufficient protein intake prevents sarcopenia, osteoporosis
  8. O

    Plant Protein Requirements For An Adult

    Good morning - just joined this forum, yesterday. I decided to follow a mostly vegetarian diet about two years ago - I still eat fish, or chicken, occasionally, only because I worry about protein. I have never been able to figure out what an average serving of anything is. I am aware of...