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  1. Indian Summer

    How long would you have to listen to nazi rock before turning into a nazi?

    This was a question that came up in discussion with an old friend on a certain evil social media platform. Assuming it was some really good nazi rock or nazi pop. Assuming you were at a vulnerable phase in your life. Assuming other factors also pushed you in that direction. Basically, the...
  2. MadamSarcastra

    Music TV & Film Movie Soundtracks & Scores (that help "make" the film)....

    I've always thought a lot about music in movies, how it's used, how it helps drive the mood & the story... being quite a cinephile & also musically inclined, who could blame me? LOL :rolleyes: I'm just gonna start with some stuff I've got in my collection.... awesome song selections/scores...
  3. Indian Summer

    Music Opinions on the Harp Twins

    The Harp Twins, Camille and Kennerly, have a bunch of videos on Youtube, e.g.: What do you think? They have some pretty original performances. As a bonus there is also all that blonde hair and skimpy outfits, times two since they are twins. I just don't know quite how to place this. Harp music...
  4. Amy SF

    Music Record Store Day is April 22

    In addition to being Earth Day, April 22 is also Record Store Day. If there are any record stores near you, they are likely independently run by people passionate about what they sell, rather than being a soulless corporate entity, and should be supported. There's a store in West Los Angeles...
  5. Dedalus

    Music New Music - Mist

    New musics... If you're looking for something dark to put a damper on your day...look no further! Mist, by Joe Wilford