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  1. shyvas

    Did You Know ?

    There are many interesting facts that increase your knowledge and are also great conversation starters. Fun or more serious facts are often a trigger to get the brain started. How many times do you hear ''I never knew that'' or '' that's unbelievable'' '' I wonder why'' '' That's not...
  2. K

    UK Veggie but hate vegetables! Help!

    Hey guys, So I became vegetarian 3 months ago and I'm glad I made the choice. The biggest problem is I hate vegetables! I like corn and broccoli but dislikeeverything else! I don't want to become unhealthy and want to have a good balanced diet... but being a nurse I can work 14 hour shifts...
  3. V

    Vegan Survey

    Hello lovely vegans! :heart::cool: Take a moment to reflect on your vegan practice by completing this short survey: goo.gl/forms/pglAh08Uhbfh6R2C2 (copy and paste url into search bar) By anonymously completing this survey, you will help anthropologists understand vegan food practices so they...
  4. silva

    Coconuts picked by monkeys

    Any time a previously limited food suddenly rises in demand a red flag should be raised as to how it's harvested. I went from using coconuts as a moisturizer, a bit in cooking, but now I've been routinely been making my own buttah mainly to avoid the known offender, palm oil. I was ready to buy...
  5. Andy Brown

    How do you respond to the claim that humans evolved as meat eaters?

    I often come across people pointing out humans evolved primarily as meat eaters. “So, it’s absolutely fine and natural tendency of humans to eat meat.” One could make the same claim that we evolved as rapists, murderers, slave owners, and many other things. Just because we've done something for...
  6. Andy Brown

    Vegan foods that increase inflammation?

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know where I can find a list of vegan foods that increase inflammation? or Where the list is based on facts and compiled by someone with credentials?
  7. Andy Brown

    What would be a delicious menu for dinner party guests who are gluten free vegans?

    What would be a delicious menu for dinner party guests who are gluten free vegans?
  8. Squiggy

    What are your favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurants?

    What are your favorite vegan and vegetarian restaurants, or just restaurants with more of these lifestyle options? I thought this thread would be a nice way to not only share your favorite eat-out places, but to get some ideas on places to try out. I've really been loving a place called...