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  1. Indian Summer

    Taxing meat and dairy consumption

    Do you think taxing meat and dairy will result in lower consumption? Do you think it would help in bringing about an end to animal food consumption altogether? I thought this petition makes a good point: "According to a news article published in late 2017 the global livestock industry causes...
  2. Indian Summer

    Animal Advocacy News Vegan campaign demoralising farmers

    The background for this story is that Go Vegan World had been running a campaign on billboards and in newspapers such as The Sunday Telegraph. This angered dairy farmers, and Michael Oakes of the National Farmers Union Dairy Board wrote an open letter in said newspaper: He then went on to talk...
  3. Bite Size Vegan

    Your Milk’s Mother | Why Dairy Is Never Humane

    Who was the mother of your milk? The source of milk is no big secret: it comes from cows. But most of us never think about the mothers of 'our' milk. We grow up assuming that cows are made to be milked—that they have a constant supply of milk and even that they need to be milked to relieve the...
  4. Indian Summer

    Animal Advocacy Calves, cows punched, kicked at Somerset dairy farm

    More: BBC: Secret filming shows calves at Somerset farm being punched and kicked (28. December 2016)
  5. E

    Question Is the dairy industry selling m Ireland as cruel as other countries?

    Hi, I've been watching videos lately of why the dairy industry is so cruel, but none of these dairy farms have been similar to the Irish dairy farms I have been on. I have been on a few as many of my uncles consist of dairy farmers, all the cows are all treated so well and are in good condition...
  6. Indian Summer

    Demographic time bomb looming for UK dairy

    Sales of milk could plummet - and it's all teenagers' fault (7. September 2016) The article goes on to say Dairy UK will try to boost sales through a major marketing campaign.