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Terms and rules


  1. It's not required that you be either a vegan, vegetarian or even have immediate plans to give up animal products in order to become a member. However, as VV is a vegan lifestyle community where a vegan lifestyle is promoted, we will not tolerate members who promote contrary agendas.
  2. You must be at least 13 Earth-years old.
  3. Don't share your account with others. The account is personal, i.e. for one person, and it's not for companies or web sites. You can only have one account at any time.
  4. Don't use your account mainly for promotion of web sites, web pages, products, companies, or organizations. If you wish to promote a product relevant to veg*ns, please post this in The Bazaar forum. (This forum is only visible when logged in.)
  5. Don't cross-post content into multiple threads. While posts / topics can sometimes fit into multiple threads / categories, we ask that you choose only one so as to keep all of the conversation in one place. If you need help deciding, please talk to a mod.
  6. Don't argue or debate in The Vegan Forum or The Vegetarian Forum unless you identify with the respective lifestyles. These forums are lifestyle support areas.
  7. Don't post any illegal content.
  8. Don't engage in name-calling or ad hominem attacks against fellow members or ex-members, and don't click the "Like" button on posts with such content.
  9. Don't post information from private conversations anywhere unless you have been given permission to do so.

Violators of 1 - 4 will be banned. Repeated violations of 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 will also lead to banishment.

Some forums have additional rules or guidelines which are posted within the particular forums, so please read these before you post there. (See e.g. the guidelines for the Debate forum.)

Note that new members can't post URLs. Such URLs will be automatically hidden by the software.

It is assumed that all members behave in a civilised manner, but also that we're not overly sensitive. If this proves to be a problem for anyone, a staff member will attempt to assist. As a last resort we will consider temporary or permanent banishment.

Moderation will be enforced based on the "best effort" principle.


This board has a couple of forums that are only accessible to members. The moderators will not allow anyone access to these forums unless they have posted an intro thread and have become an established member. Access to a few of the forums are given at the moderators' discretion only. To gain access to the private forums (except The VIP Club) you need to join the corresponding user groups.


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