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About Veggie Views

What is Veggie Views?

Veggie Views is an independent, not-for-profit website and message board which promotes a vegan lifestyle. It was launched in May 2012 as a relaxed and community-focused place to meet online for discussions, debates, learning, and giving & receiving support. We aim to keep the site ad-free, and instead we rely on member contributions.

Our goal is to build the best online vegan lifestyle community on the Internet. VV is meant to be a tolerant place for everyone who's interested in the vegan lifestyle. There is room for both casual talk / socialising as well as serious discussion. We hope the site will become a resource for those in their struggle to become vegans, as well as a resource for long-term vegans in their struggle to live life according to their convictions.

Who are the moderators and staff?

Try this page.

How is Veggie Views funded?

At the moment most costs are covered by me, Indian Summer (the owner), but we have a Contributing Members program as well as a donation feature that cover some of the costs. Costs include server hosting ($20 per month), domain name registration (approx. $10 per year), forum software licence (initially $140 + UK VAT, then $40 + UK VAT per year), and paid add-ons (so far approx. $200).

Help and feedback

If you wish to give confidential feedback directly to the administrators, please use the Contact Us link at the very bottom of the pages. (Here is a direct link.) You can be anonymous if you wish, by logging out before you open the form.

If you are already a member, you can also post in one of the threads dedicated to feedback, or start your own thread in the Announcements, Questions & Feedback forum. You can also send a private message to a member of the moderation team.