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Would We Be Healthier With a Vegan Diet? - WSJ Debate

Discussion in 'The Vegan Forum' started by Werewolf Girl, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Werewolf Girl

    Werewolf Girl Veteran Member


    I think it's so cool the Wall Street Journal posted this, vegan diets are becoming more and more mainstream.

    The omni rebuttal is pretty ridiculous though, as if humans need the milk of another animal to be healthy. :rolleyes:
  2. Envy

    Envy As seen on the Simpsons Forum Moderator

    No, I'm struggling to eat already, so I would probably starve on a vegan diet.
  3. Alice-Bee

    Alice-Bee Mad as A Hatter

    Durham UK
    That is not because a vegan diet isnt a healthy one its because you are a picky eater, which is also the reason alot of people fail at a vegan diet or claim it makes them 'ill'.
  4. RabbitLuvr

    RabbitLuvr I love rabbits.

    Rabbitville, USA
    All this time, I thought I HAD to eat broccoli.
  5. peacefulveglady

    peacefulveglady Peacefully Veg Out !!!!!

    Chicagoland ,IL
    I am getting closer to Vegan ever before but still need to work on it, i am considering 100 percent plant base diet in my diet now since having health problems.
    Freesia, Lord Snot and led.boots like this.
  6. Calliegirl

    Calliegirl Addicted Poster

    Nice to see the poll is an overwhelming yes, even if it probably is mostly veg*ns voting.
  7. Underdog

    Underdog Friendly neighbourhood vegan

    London, UK
    I don't know a lot about the average American diet, but have heard that it involves a lot of processed food? Whereas if you were vegetarian or vegan, you would usually research food, nutrition, or have to cook from fresh?

    I don't think either diet is healthier. It depends on the individual.
  8. Danielle

    Danielle Addicted Poster

    Vegans are allowed to be unhealthy too. Just saying. :p
  9. Kitties

    Kitties Veteran Member

    I didn't read the whole article. I think the American diet is far from ideal. I'm in awe of how much fast food I see consumed. I'm vegan and not the healthiest eater. Not a junk food vegan either. There are many vegan foods that are not the best for you. Potato chips are one of my main weaknesses.

    I do like vegetables and I do like broccoli!
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  10. Alice-Bee

    Alice-Bee Mad as A Hatter

    Durham UK
    I fudgin' love broccoli!
    thefadedone likes this.
  11. thefadedone

    thefadedone Needs a life

    :broccoli: Life without these little trees would be very disappointing.
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  12. Digger

    Digger Guest

    Potato chips are one of my weaknesses as well, but since my diet is otherwise quite healthy I feel that I can indulge from time to time and still come out ahead of the rest.
    thefadedone likes this.
  13. RabbitLuvr

    RabbitLuvr I love rabbits.

    Rabbitville, USA
    Omg, I love potato chips so much. (Both definitions of "chips," I love them all.)
  14. Envy

    Envy As seen on the Simpsons Forum Moderator

    I can eat many things, because I either work out or undereat in general.
  15. Lord Snot

    Lord Snot Parsley Provider

    I do think the health argument has a lot of gaping flaws. Certainly in the 3D world I don't talk about that when I'm speaking with an omni about vegetarianism. Sometimes I do it online if I can see the person is interested in health but not animals.

    It's always great when a mainstream publication opens a debate about veganism, but personally I wouldn't choose to base it on health arguments.
    mlp likes this.
  16. mlp

    mlp Guest

    Agreed. It's perfectly possible to eat a very healthy omni diet, and likewise perfectly possible to eat a very unhealthy vegan diet, so going vegan for health is not terribly persuasive in the case of most people.
  17. Envy

    Envy As seen on the Simpsons Forum Moderator

    but liek peta sed tat teh meet rotts in ur bely foar 1000! years alsu wen ur eeting cute < 33333 kows u wil like dieeee fromm the fat omg haw can u eat the adorrable cowws you monstir!

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